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Welcome to our website (“”): Please read our Data Protection Policy carefully, which is always applicable when you access the website and decide to browse it and use its services, since the data relevant to identified or identifiable natural persons can be collected merely by accessing the website. Therefore, by continuing to browse and accepting the various service proposals offered by the specific sections of the site (request for information), it is understood that the data processing information contained herein this Data Protection Policy has been accepted.

Decisions regarding the purposes, methods of processing your personal data and the instruments used, including the security profile, are the property of Eleven S.r.l., pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003, (Data Protection Code) and the European General Regulations on Data Protection (EU Regulation 679/2016: so-called GDPR). This Data Protection Policy provides you with all relevant information to understand how we collect and use information relevant to the users of and the data subjects of the processing carried out by Eleven S.r.l. For any other information on the processing of your data send an e-mail to our Customer Service at, or write to the registered office of Eleven S.r.l. at Viale della Navigazione Interna 87/A, 35027 Noventa Padovana (PD), or contact our Customer Service at 800978619.


The underlying principles of our Data Protection Policy are the following:

  1. process data in a lawful, correct and transparent way towards the data subject;
  2. process only data that is adequate, pertinent and limited to that which is necessary to achieve the purposes of the processing and pursuant to the methods illustrated in the information presented at the time of their collection; the above-mentioned purposes must always be determined, explicit and legitimate;
  3. use the data for purposes other than those for which the data were specifically collected, only with express consent of the data subject and only after having provided all relevant information concerning these purposes;
  4. process only exact and, if necessary, updated data: Eleven S.r.l., as Data Controller, undertakes to adopt all of the reasonable measures to promptly delete or correct incorrect data in relation to the purposes for which they are processed;
  5. store data in a form that allows the identification of the data subjects for a period not exceeding that which is necessary to achieve the purposes of the processing;
  6. guarantee adequate security of the data processed by protecting them from unauthorised or unlawful processing and from accidental loss, destruction or damage;
  7. comply with the above principles and provide proof of compliance;
  8. only disclose data to third-party companies for the purpose of providing the service requested by you and, where necessary, in the scope of appointing a Data Processor; to not disclose, release or transfer data to third parties for their own processing without informing users and obtaining their consent;
  9. respond to requests for the deletion, correction and integration of data provided, opposition to the processing of the data for the purpose of sending commercial and advertising information.
  10. DATA CONTROLLER is a website of Eleven S.r.l., with registered office in Italy, Viale della navigazione interna , 87/A – 35027  Noventa Padovana (Padua), Reg. Reg. of Comp., Italian Tax Code and VAT no. 07093280969. Eleven S.r.l. is the owner of the data collected through and decides independently on the purposes and methods of processing, as well as on the security measures to be applied to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. For more information about the processing of personal data, contact our Customer Service by phone at 800978619, or send an e-mail to, or in writing by mail to our registered office.


Eleven S.r.l. processes different types of personal data that may concern you or the members of your family, persons to whom you are required to communicate the information contained in this data protection policy.

Specifically, Eleven S.r.l. can process

  1. personal data such as name, surname,
  2. contact information such addresses, e-mail;
  3. Browsing Data;
  4. other personal data provided by the data subject to obtain information after having completed the contact form

The data you provide will be processed in compliance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, accuracy and security. Specifically:

  1. The data set out in point 3, acquired when you complete the contact form will be processed by Eleven S.r.l., in order to respond to requests for information, estimates, or of any other nature indicated in the subject line of the form.

Data processing is based on the legitimate interest of Eleven S.r.l. to promote the sale of the products sold by the same and maintain contact with its clientele.

Provision of the data is optional and refusal to provide the same, in whole or in part, can result in the impossibility to respond to your request or begin the relevant activities.

  1. The data set out in point 3, letters a), b), c), d), e), f), g), will be processed by Eleven S.r.l. for “Statistics” purposes, as outlined in point 9.

The data processing is based on the legitimate interest of Eleven S.r.l. to track the use of its website for the performance of its business.

Provision of data is optional and refusal to provide the same, in whole or in part, can result in the impossibility to begin the relevant activities.

For the pursuit of purposes other than those specified in this data protection policy, your consent will be required, and you will be provided with the relevant information.


Your personal data will be processed for the purposes pursuant to point 4, letters a) and b), and will be stored in our archives until you revoke your consent for the processing of such data.



6.1 The processing of personal data is carried out using non-automated methods (in paper form, by ordinary mail, telephone, etc.) and automated (e-mail, etc.) by authorised personnel of Eleven S.r.l., and by other subjects who, appropriately selected for reliability and skills, carry out operations that are instrumental to the pursuit of the purposes strictly related to the use of the website and its services (also see point 7 “Data Communication to Other Subjects”).

Our Company, as Data Controller, the staff authorised by the latter and each of the external Processors to which your data can be communicated, will manage and archive the personal data collected through the use of the website and their various functions that can be activated upon your request. Profiling is envisaged on the aforementioned data, i.e., in order to personalise your experience on the site, through the suggestion of products and services and the communication of promotions and information material that may interest you.

6.2 Automatically collected data

Every time you visit our website we may automatically collect your Browsing Data. This processing is performed in compliance with current regulations and such data may concern: the type of device through which you visit our website, its location, the network you are connected to, IP address, login information, type and version of your browser, type and version of your browser plug-ins, the operating system you use, products you are looking for and/or look at.  To gather this information Eleven S.r.l. uses various technologies, including cookies. Therefore, we invite you to read our cookie policy, which is included herein this information sheet.

6.3 Data provided directly by you

We collect and store any data that you provide freely through the use of the appropriate forms on the site (such as, i.e., your name, last name, e-mail and company you work for and your position with the same).

6.4 Third-party data

It is possible that Eleven S.r.l. may process the personal data of third parties communicated directly by its users to Eleven S.r.l., i.e. when the user wants to share a service provided by KIDDOM.COM or the sale of a particular product with a third party.                                                                  In this circumstance, the information herein this data protection policy will be considered communicated by you to the third-party data subjects and their consent to the processing, if necessary, will be considered validly given.

6.5 Data received from other sources

We can also process data that concern you collected from other sources, such as social networks.



The data may be known and processed within Eleven S.r.l. by staff authorised for processing to the extent that it is necessary for the performance of their duties, carrying out only operations necessary for the execution of the same.

In the event of an explicit request and in the circumstances authorised by law, the data may be disclosed by Eleven S.r.l. to Public Security Authorities, Public Entities, Inspection or Judicial Authorities and Police forces.

The data received while you browse may be acquired by the third-party companies that provide IT support and data processing services to Eleven S.r.l. (i.e. in the event of hosting activities carried out by third parties and related to the use of our websites) appointed and Data Processors for this purpose.

Eleven S.r.l. also uses third parties to process your personal data (such as technical services suppliers, insurers, maintenance technicians, spare parts suppliers, communication agencies, tax and corporate legal consultants, labour consultants) who have been carefully selected by Eleven S.r.l. and are experienced, able, reliable and offer a suitable guarantee of full compliance with current data processing legislation, including the data security profile. If necessary, these third parties are appointed as “Data Processors” and perform their activities pursuant to the instructions given by Eleven S.r.l.  and under its control.

We verify on a regular basis that they have fulfilled the duties assigned to them and that they continue to offer sufficient guarantees of compliance with the provisions that govern the protection of personal data.



Your data can be subject to transfer outside of the European Union when it is necessary to supply you with the services on the website In this case, we assure you that such transfer will take place in compliance with this data protection policy and applicable regulations regarding the protection of personal data.



Statistics services contained in this section allow the Data Controller to monitor and analyse traffic data and are used to keep track of your behaviours and those of other users:

  • Google Analytics (Google Inc.) Google Analytics is a web analysis services provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the Personal Data collected for the purpose of tracing and analysing the use of KIDDOM.COM, complete reports and share the same with other services developed by Google. Google may use the personal data to contextualise and personalise ads on its advertising network. | Data Protection Policy– Opt Out;
  • Facebook Ads conversion tracking (Facebook, Inc.) Facebook Ads conversion tracking is a statistics service provided by Facebook, Inc. connecting the data coming from the network of Facebook ads with actions carried out within KIDDOM.COM | Data Protection Policy– Opt Out;
  • Google AdWords conversion tracking (Google Inc.) Google AdWords conversion tracking is a statistics service provided by Google Inc. connecting the data coming from the network of Google AdWords ads with actions carried out within KIDDOM.COM. | Data Protection Policy– Opt Out;
  • Google Tag Manager (Google Inc.) Google Tag Manager is statistics service provided by Google Inc. | Data Protection Policy– Opt Out;



We adopt security measures that are sufficient to reduce to a minimum risks of destruction, loss or damage – even if accidental – of the data, to prevent unauthorised access, illicit types of processing and processing that is not in compliance with the purposes of collection as specified in our Data Protection Policy.
However, Eleven S.r.l. cannot ensure that the security measures adopted to protect the website, data transmission and information on the site, reduce or prevent any risk of unauthorised access or dispersion of data via user devices; we advise you to make sure that your computer is equipped with appropriate software to protect data transmission across the network, both incoming and outgoing (such as updated antivirus systems) and that your Internet service provider has also adopted adequate security measures to protect network data transmission (such as firewall and anti-spamming filters).


  1. COOKIE POLICY uses cookies: a small file that is sent by a website to a web browser, and stored by your browser when you visit a website such as Cookies are used to make the site work better or to improve its features, but also to provide information to site owners.

Our site uses different types of cookies and similar tools, each of which has a specific function, as shown in the table below:

Browsing cookies These cookies enable the website to function correctly and allow you to view it in your language and for your market from the first time you access it. They will recognise your country so that on any subsequent visits you are directed straight to the relevant country website. They also allow you to create an account, log in and manage your orders while browsing the website. If you are a registered user, thanks to cookies the website will recognise you as such when you access the services offered to registered users. These cookies will recognise if you make a purchase from the website through an affiliated or partner site so that we can fulfil any obligations we may have to those partner sites. These cookies are necessary for the website to function.
Functional Cookies These cookies enable the website to recognise you, following an explicit request from you (for example, if you click on “remember me”), every time you access the website, so that you don’t have to type in your login details each time. If you have added items to your cart and closed your browsing session without completing your purchase, but have not removed the items from your cart, these cookies enable you to carry on shopping with the same cart the next time you visit the website within a reasonable period of time. These cookies are not essential for the website to function, but they improve the website and your browsing experience.
Analytical Cookies These cookies are used for example by some of our service providers, such as Google Analytics, for example, to carry out statistical analysis of how users use our website through their computers or via our mobile applications, such as how many pages a user has visited, or the number of mouse clicks made on a page while using the website. Eleven S.r.l.  processes the results of these analysis in an anonymous way and for statistics purposes only provided that the service supplier uses the cookies in connection with the browser installed on your computer or other device used to browse our website.
Third-party cookies for marketing/retargeting purposes These cookies are used by trusted third-party companies that allow you to view banner ads on other affiliate sites, showing you the latest products, you have viewed on KIDDOM.COM. While browsing our site, these cookies are also used to show you products that may interest you or products similar to those you have already enquired about, based on your browsing history. Normally, the use of these cookies does not involve the processing of your personal data, but may allow connection to your computer or other devices and track your stored data; these cookies connect to the browser installed on your computer or other devices used while browsing our site.

How can cookies be disabled?

Most web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) are configured to automatically accept cookies. However, most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings, including the disabling of cookies at any time, etc. We wish to make you aware, however, that disabling browsing cookies or functional cookies may prevent our website from functioning correctly and/or may not allow you to fully take advantage of the services we offer.

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If you use the site without changing your browser settings, it is assumed that you intend to receive all the cookies used by the site and use all the features.




You are guaranteed all rights under the current legislation on the protection of personal data and, in particular, Articles 7, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 77 and 79 of EU Regulation 679/2016.

As the Data Subject you have the right to:

  • revoke your consent for the processing at any time pursuant to article 7, sub. 3 of the Regulation. Revocation of consent does not, however, prejudice the lawfulness of the processing carried out before it;
  • pursuant to article 15 of the Regulation, obtain confirmation as to whether your personal data is being processed and, in this case, obtain access to the same and the following information: purpose of the processing, categories of data processed, recipients or categories of recipients of the data, storage period of the data or criteria used to determine the same, origin of the data, existence of an automated decision making process and information on the logic used for the same, rights that can be exercised. By virtue of this rule, you also have the right to receive a copy of the data processed;
  • obtain from Eleven S.r.l. the correction of your incorrect personal data and the integration of incomplete data pursuant to article 16 of the Regulation;
  • when the circumstances pursuant to article 17 of the Regulation exist, obtain from Eleven S.r.l. the deletion of your personal data;
  • when the circumstances pursuant to article 18 of the Regulation exist, obtain from Eleven S.r.l. the restriction of processing; In this case, Eleven S.r.l. will not process the data for any other purpose other than for the storage of the same;
  • pursuant to article 20 of the Regulation, receive your data or have it transferred to another Controller. You have the right to receive your data in a structured and commonly used format that is legible by an automatic device and, where technically possible, to obtain the transfer without obstruction to another Controller. This right can be exercised when the data is processed using automated instruments and the processing is based on your consent, on a contract to which you are party or contractual measures connected to the same;
  • pursuant to article 21, oppose the processing of your data. You can oppose the processing of your data when it occurs on a legal basis other than that consented.

When data is processed to pursue a legitimate interest of Eleven S.r.l., you can oppose the processing for reasons related to your particular situation.

  • Pursuant to article 77 of the Regulation, submit a claim to the Data Protection Authority or the Supervisory Authority of the Member State in which you usually reside if different from Italy should you believe that the processing of your data by Eleven S.r.l. breaches the rules of the Regulation;
  • Pursuant to article 79 of the Regulation, act before the courts should you believe that the processing of your data by Eleven S.r.l. breaches the rules of the Regulation.

To exercise these rights or for more information about the processing of personal data, contact out Customer Service by phone at 800978619 or send an e-mail to, or in writing by mail to our registered office.  The requests are filed free of charge and will be processed by Eleven S.r.l. as soon as possible, in any case within a month.



Eleven S.r.l.  may amend or just update, in whole or in part, the Data Protection Policy of the website, also considering any amendments to laws or regulations that regulate this subject and protect your rights. Amendments and updates to the Data Protection Policy will be made known to users as soon as they are implemented and will be binding as soon as they are published on the website. Please access this section regularly to check for the most recent and updated version of our Data Protection Policy.



This Data Protection Policy is regulated by Italian and European law, and specifically by the Data Protection Code (Italian Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003) and European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Code and Regulation ensure that the processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the dignity of data subjects, with special reference to privacy, personal identity and the right to the protection of personal data.