About us


We have a long history of working with multinational companies. Our added value stems from our experience of having worked with major brands selling all sorts of products: from baby products, to fashion and consumer goods.

A mother-friendly team

Our team is made up mostly of women, including many mothers. This is why we are so familiar with the world of early childhood. We have learnt the secrets to success and know what tools work. Now we want to share them with you!

A desire to innovate and stand out: our two founders’ idea

Our professional experience comes from working within companies; we have been marketing and sales leaders both in Italy and abroad. Over the years we have built a network of distributors, which is how we know their dynamics so well. Now that we are distributors ourselves, we know exactly what companies expect from us and how to fulfil their needs.


After his degree in Economics, Francesco has been specialising in marketing and sales for two decades, working for the most important and competitive companies dealing in luxury, design and consumer products such as: Philip Morris, Jacuzzi, Electrolux and Trudi.


Giorgio’s career began after his Master’s in Business Administration. Over the years he has held key positions in the international companies where he has worked. He has gained in-depth knowledge of the early-childhood sector, thanks to the ten years he worked at Inglesina SPA and Trudi.

More than a distributor

The world of distribution has new rules: ours.


Eleven is

  • a modern, smart, dynamic and international team
  • a professional, proactive, safe and honest partner
  • focusing on the design, innovation and premium nature of its brands